Sustainable Future Grant Programme

The Sustainable Future Foundations offers grants of up to £10,000 for projects which advance progress towards the SDGs

Applications open now. Rolling deadlines. Please send proposals to

Vision Statement

Given the urgency of the challenges we face as a global community, including the ever increasing consequences of climate change, increasing inequalities, environmental degradation, and the persistence of social issues affecting the lives of billions around the world, it is more vital than ever to take decisive action and work towards a better, more sustainable future. 

This grant programme is open to applications from organisations and individuals proposing projects or work which contribute to progress under one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Application Process

To apply for funding through the Sustainable Future Grant Programme, please submit a proposal containing the following elements:

  • Project Outline

Briefly describe the scope of the project proposed, and if it is building on any existing work, give a brief background of this. 

  • Outcomes and relation to the SDGs

Describe any deliverables from the project/work proposed, and how these outcomes or the work as a whole relates to, and contributes towards, the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Budget

Give a very brief explanation of the proposed budget for the project. Grant sizes are variable, depending on the scope of the proposed work/project.

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